I’ve decided that it is now vital for me to build and maintain a blog. For so many reasons, but mainly because I want to document my progress as I continue on my sometimes treacherous, but consistently rewarding, photographic journey. I want to celebrate my successes and never forget my failures, as both are necessary for me to grow as an artist and as a business professional. I hope that by sharing as I go I can entertain, inform, and inspire.

I will include retrospectives of projects I’ve accomplished throughout my first year of shooting ‘professionally’, new work that I’m excited to share, tutorials on how to improve your own photography skills, and a bit about life behind the lens. I will share about all of the wonderful people I’ve met & worked with along the way. All of the victories & pitfalls I’ve endured, and of course, I will share many of the images I’ve been able to create. I will speak candidly & from the heart, and even though it may be a little rough at times it will always be real. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer & will check back to see many of my later posts.

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