UPS Special Delivery



SPECIAL DELIVERY! Beau Hawkins has arrived – actually this delivery came 5 months ago to the day – jeez time flies!

Beau’s daddy, Johnny, is an amazing UPS man so even though his beautiful wife, Meagan, did the actual delivering he of course had to do his delivery part too!

Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn12 Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn14

Here are some other suer adorable ones of this little stinker!

Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn1 Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn2 Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn3

What a little angel! Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn4 Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn5

I love doing newborn portrait sessions! They’re absolutely one of my favorite things to shoot. Normally most photographers would have to wait until about a week before they’d get to shoot newborn portraits, but I was lucky enough to get to shoot this sweet little man just 2 days after he was born. Yay! My heart melts! Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn6 Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn7 Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn8 Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn11Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn10   Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn9Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn15 Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn16 Scambos_BeauHawkins_UPS_Newborn17

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